RevLifter Named ‘Innovative Retail Tech Product of the Year’ for 2022 - RevLifter

RevLifter Named ‘Innovative Retail Tech Product of the Year’ for 2022

by | Mar 16 2022

The RevLifter trophy cabinet gained another new addition this month as the team celebrated the claiming of ‘Innovative Retail Tech Product of the Year’ at the 2022 Smart Retail Tech Expo.

Hosted at London’s ExCeL, the adjudication saw a hand-picked group of innovators pitching their wares to a panel of retail experts, which this year included representatives from Marks & Spencer and Quickfire Digital.

RevLifter competed for the top prize alongside a variety of different companies, including BenQ (digital signage), Pixelvision (computer vision and deep learning), Pricer (electronic shelf labels), and Linnworks (cloud-based fulfilment).

RevLifter’s Senior Business Development Manager Stephen King (pictured below with the trophy) stepped up to present an overview of our technology before going through our groundbreaking work with online fashion giant Boohoo.

Winners: RevLifter’s Stephen King with the judging panel

After claiming the win for RevLifter, Stephen remarked on the significance of personalized offers against many other retail trends.

“I was thrilled to see RevLifter get such a glowing reception from the judges,” he commented. “We’re used to comparing our approach and strategies to the mass, one-size-fits-all promotions that we aim to replace. Innovative Retail Tech Product of the Year is based on retail innovation in general, which shows the strength of personalized offers against all the other movements happening within the industry at the moment.

“I’d like to reserve a special thanks to the judges for recognizing our work with Boohoo, one of our newest success stories, where RevLifter is currently solving a number of key eCommerce challenges.”

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